House Rules

Residents are to be clean and sober at all times.  No alcohol or other mood -altering chemicals at any time. You will be asked to leave immediately if you use.


  • All medications (RX and over the counter) must be checked into the Director. No medications are allowed upstairs. 
  • The Director must approve any Doctor or Dental appointment, prior to making the appointment or the need for one.
  • All medications must be taken as prescribed and any changes in RX medication must be given by the prescribing doctor.
  • You are responsible for getting your prescriptions filled before you run out.
  • Any medication taken by a resident must be taken with PRIOR knowledge of Director.  This includes aspirin, cough medicine, sinus and any other over the counter medication.
  • Only alcohol-free mouthwash, breath mints, hair gel and other personal items will be allowed.


  • Random urine testing is done as well as an onsite Breath Analyzer.
  • Urine samples may be sent to Toxicology Lab weekly or as needed.
  • You will be tested when you return from pass and if you were out past time allowed.



  • When attending a meeting, you must sit in the front rows, not in the back.
  • Smoke, get coffee and go to restroom BEFORE the meetings start.  DO NOT get up during meeting.  Do not talk to your neighbor during the meeting.
  • Do not eat, get candy, or chew gum in the meeting.
  • Residents are to make ALL REQUIRED meetings unless they are working during the day.  They must include a speaker meeting, step study, big book study and open discussion.
  • You can ride to meeting with your sponsor or someone with over A YEAR SOBRIETY with permission from Director.
  • If no one has a car, it is the ladies in the house’s responsibility to call and find rides.  The person needs to have over a year and be approved by Director.



    • Use of personal vehicle is allowed.  You must have a current license, registration and insurance to drive.
    • You are not to take anyone to work or anywhere else, unless approved by the Director.  You are not a taxi!
    • A resident without a vehicle will not be allowed to use another resident’s vehicle for any reason.
    • You are to take others to AA meetings.  When you go, ask everyone.  Do not be selective with who you want to ride with you.  We are a team.
    • Whoever you ride with, you need to come back with them.
  • FIRST 30 DAYS, no driving unless approved by Director. (If you come in with a car)



  • Church attendance is optional on Sundays and is subject to Director’s approval.



  • No talking to a member of opposite sex allowed.
  • No one other than immediate family is allowed to visit, call or write.
  • While living at Oakwood, no resident will have contact of a romantic or physical nature if not the legal spouse of that resident.  There will be no contact with the legal spouse of resident without prior consent of the Director during your stay at Oakwood.  Residents are not allowed to call, write, or receive mail from treatment centers, prisons, or jails.



Women should always be dressed in a way that expresses a complete change in their lives. 

  • No shorts more than 4 inches above the knee can be worn out of the house
  • No facial/body piercings to be worn while living at Oakwood 
  • Earrings are permitted 
  • No tank top or spaghetti straps outside of the house
  • No getting new tattoos or piercing while living at oakwood
  • No unnatural hair colors. (Ex. Pink, maroon, blue etc)
  • Haircuts and maintenance are to be discussed with director prior to making appointment


  • No visitation allowed until resident has been in the house 30 days.
  • Visitation is Saturday from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Sunday is from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm.  The Director MUST approve all visitors.  ONLY IMMEDIATE FAMILY MEMBERS are allowed.  You are responsible for your visitors.
  • The Director reserves the right to ban any guest from the house.
  • Visitation forms are to be turned in for approval, by Director, no later than Wednesday for the upcoming weekend.
  • ALL visitors must be approved before allowing them in the house. 



  • Smoking is not allowed on either the front porch or the back porch.
  • Smoking is to be done at the designated smoking area only.  It is located in backyard by gate.
  • If it is raining, use an umbrella.
  • No cigarettes on the ground.  Dispose of properly.



  • Residents are to be dressed for the day and down stairs by 9:00 am Mon-Fri.  Please be considerate of those getting dressed for work or school.
  • Saturday and Sunday, you may come down the stairs by 10:00 am.  You are to be dressed for the day.
  • When you get up, MAKE YOUR BED.  You must sleep between 2 sheets, not on top of the comforter.
  • Clean your area every day.  Wash clothes and sheets according to the schedule.
  • You are not to go back upstairs until after 4:30 pm, only to freshen up for the evening meetings. YOU MAY NOT LAY DOWN.



  • Meditation is at 6:30 am to 6:45am.  All residents are responsible to be downstairs on time. Participation is mandatory.  Everyone must participate in reading AND sharing during this time. 


  • There is to be no napping during the week days. Unless you are sick and it is approved by the director. 
  • If there are no events, you may nap on Saturdays and Sundays between the hours of 2:00pm and 4:00pm.



  • We have community supper at 5:30 pm Sunday – Thursday.  Be on time!  This will change due to meetings.
  • Breakfast is by 8:00 am Mon-Fri.  As you go on Sat-Sun.
  • Lunch is from 11:00am-12:00pm, on your own.  This will change due to meetings.
  • At no other times should you be eating, except for small snacks
  • NO SODAS, unless approved prior to purchase.



  • Chores are a part of living at Oakwood.  There are consequences if you fail to do them.  Repeated offenses of non-compliance will result in being asked to leave Oakwood.  Chores are assigned on a weekly basis, and should be done as outlined.
  • Cleaning chores include but not limited to:

Keep bedrooms neat and clean at all times. Beds are to be made neatly when your get   up.  Two sheets are mandatory.  DO NOT sleep on the comforter.  Wash sheets weekly, wash clothes weekly and keep put up in dressers and closets.

  • All dishes must be rinsed and put in dishwasher after each use.  Do not leave them in the sink.  If dishwasher is full, please empty it.
  • Wash tubs and showers out after each use.  Take all toiletries out after each use.
  • Keep downstairs clean and picked up at all times.
  • Cleaning, cooking, bathroom cleanup and other duties will be assigned and posted on a weekly basis by the Director.



  • Laundry is to be done weekly.
  • Residents not working should wash during the day.  Working residents wash at night.  Be aware of others washing.
  • Do not leave clothes in washer or dryer overnight.  
  • Try to combine loads.  You should be doing full loads.
  • Lint filter must be cleaned after each time you dry.
  • Please beware of others using shower.  This will affect water pressure.
  • Laundry will have set days. Pending number of residents.



  • During first 60 days, a new resident may not leave the house except to attend job interviews or meetings without someone in the house over 60 days, unless approved by Director.  All other activities must be pre-approved by Director.
  • All residents must come home right after meetings, church, or work, before they can go anywhere else.  If you need to stop at the store, do so before a meeting, but DO Not be late for the meeting.



  • All residents MUST sign in and out.  The sheet will include where the resident is going, phone number where you can be reached, how you are getting there, and with whom.  The time you left, time you will be back, and the time you got back.
  • Do not go anywhere other than where you signed out to go.  If you need to go anywhere else, you must call and ask the Director for permission.
  • If you are going to be late, you must call Director.
  • Check sign-in sheet and bulletin board when you return for messages or events and other posted items.
  • When you go to an evening meeting and come home, DO NOT go anywhere for the rest of the night.
  • If you fail to sign in or out, there will be consequences.  



  • You must be a resident of Oakwood for 60 days before taking a pass.  (Except for immediate family emergencies.)
  • Pass requests must be filled out and turned into Director by 6 pm on Wednesdays.  No passes will be considered after this time.
  • You may take up to 2 passes per month. Per approval by director
  • Your pass is for going home to family in a sober, safe place for you and your sobriety.  You must go to meetings, call your sponsor and director each day while on pass.  Your pass will start Friday at 5:00 pm.  You must return by 5:00 pm on Sunday.
  • A resident must be in good standing with the House to be considered for a pass.  Rent must be current and you must not be on restriction.  It is your responsibility to do your chores or make sure that it gets done while you are gone.
  • A pass can be denied due to violation of House rules.



  • Residents must be home by 5pm on week days in time for community supper. 
  • Friday- Saturday is 10:00pm, ONLY with your sponsor, AA function and with permission of Director.
  • Resident may not leave premises without signing out, FOR any reason.
  • If you are leaving to go to a meeting, ask everyone if they wish to go.  We are a team-do not exclude anyone.



  • New residents must complete at least one week at Oakwood prior to looking for a job.  Just relax and get used to the schedule.
  • A new resident must have 30 days of sobriety before seeking employment, school, etc.
  • A resident cannot work past 4:30pm.  You must be home from work by 5:00pm for community dinner, except when going to 5:30 pm meeting.  You must be home by 5:00pm.
  • A resident cannot work in a place where alcohol is sold or served.
  • Employment must be approved BEFORE submitting an application. 



  • FIRST 2 WEEKS- a new resident does not answer the phone or use the phone at Oakwood or any other place, except to obtain sponsorship.  You will need prior permission from the Director.
  • SECOND WEEK- may use phone to obtain a sponsor, employment, while Director is here.
  • Phone use will be decided on case-by-case basis after first two weeks
  • THIRD WEEK-you may call home once a week.  Please find a time when you and your family will be at home.
  • AFTER 60 DAYS you may use the phone more.  (At Director’s discretion).
  • Fifteen-minute limits will be imposed on all calls.  Be aware of others using the phone.  You MUST answer all Call Waiting beeps.
  • Phone calls are to be made downstairs.  You must have prior approval from Director to take phone upstairs.
  • Do not hide your phone calls.
  • Phone calls are to sponsor and approved family members ONLY for duration of your stay



  • Oakwood provides cellphones to those taking the bus or walking to work.  They are for emergencies only.  The phones are being provided for your safety.  Accessing the internet or making personal calls are NEVER allowed and grounds for immediate dismissal.  If you need one, you are to sign it out on sheet provided and sign it back in upon return from work.  The phone is to be left on counter when not in use.
  • Phones are to be kept on chargers until signed out. 



    • The computer is a privilege and is provided to assist with job search.  It can be taken away at any time.
  • For the first 2 months, computer is used for job search only, when Director is here.
  • Limit yourself to 30 minutes session, unless otherwise noted by Director.
  • Do not download anything.  DO NOT ERASE anything.
  • No dating sites, no social networking sites, no gambling sites, no pornographic or sexually explicit sites.  Infraction is grounds for immediate dismissal.
  • Set up a new email for job search.  Do not use an email you had prior to coming to Oakwood.
  • Email is only to be used to obtain employment.



  • No TV until after 4:30 pm Mon-Thurs.  Must be turned off by 11:00 pm.
  • Weekends you may watch as you wish, but no later than 1:00am.
  • TV is considered a privilege and can be taken away.
  • TV is to be turned off at dinner time.  No eating in front of TV.
  • TV is to be off if no one is watching it.


     Directors Office

  • The Director’s office is off limits to all residents at all times, unless invited.



  • Rent is $80 per week.  This includes room and food.  You are responsible to pay your rent in a timely manner.  Rent is due one week in advance.
  • Rent is to be placed under director’s door no later than Monday morning. 


Intentional and/or continued failure to live within these rules is cause for dismissal.  These rules are designed for sober and safe living.  Any conduct or living conditions interfering with these rules, or the serenity of another resident is subject to review by the Director and/or the Management Committee.

We are trying to live life on life’s terms.  These rules are not arbitrary, but necessary.  Any circumstances that are not covered by these rules and any exceptions will be at the discretion of the Director.

Upon leaving Oakwood, you are encouraged to keep coming back and share your experience, strength and hope with the other residents.  You are encouraged to maintain a relationship with the house either in a monetary fashion or good will.