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Addiction recovery for women


Oakwood has helped me restore my life from being homeless,drug and alcohol addict to not only sober but rebuilding relationships in my family. Especially with my 3 daughters. Oakwood has also taught me how to thrive as a independent woman without drugs and alcohol! I’m forever grateful for Oakwood

Jennifer G.

Oakwood Home for Women is a residence for women who are recovering from the illness of alcoholism and substance abuse. These are women who have demonstrated a sincere desire to restore their lives to productive and responsible endeavors. Oakwood is a temporary home which provides an atmosphere of understanding and help from other residents, interested volunteers, and persons who have succeeded in restoring their lives to order. The residents are learning to practice the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

The Oakwood Home for women has been in existence since 1974. Counted among its hundreds of alumnae are women who are performing useful services to our community through their current employment and through volunteering their services in this and other community programs. The home receives no money from state, federal or local governments. It is supported strictly from private donations from businesses, banks, churches and individuals. There is a nominal fee for room and board to those who are able to pay. However, no person needing help is turned away due to inability to pay. Oakwood will depend upon continued community-wide aid for its success.